Friday, April 19, 2013

We Love Boston

I want to send my sincere condolences to all who were affected by the tragedy which occurred at the Boston Marathon. Boston is a city I hold close to my heart. I consider it "my city" as it is my favorite to visit on the east coast and a city I know the best. I went to college right outside of Boston. My eldest brother went to Boston University, another brother worked and lived in Boston for a while and my sister currently lives in the Boston area. I have always been a Red Sox fan, well at least since 1993 when my brother started at BU.

Every time I visit my sister we go into Boston. And ironically enough we are usually in the Back Bay area. An area that is important to my sister. An area where she crossed that finish line four times. An area where she got married. My sister's wedding was in the Boston Public Library which is right next to the finish line. Her photographer stopped traffic so he could take pictures of her running across the finish; in her gown with her new husband (and even the Boston Globe came to snap a few pics for their paper and online). I have been to Boston too many times to count and have been in that 'area' for the majority of my visits.

Patriot's Day aka Marathon Monday is a day I have celebrated many times. In college it was an extra day off from classes, which involved a few beverages while cheering on runners who ran past our campus (Rt 16 and Commonwealth). Now it is a day where I cheer on my sister, a marathon runner, as she completes yet another feat. This year was my sister's 4th time running the Boston Marathon. I was extremely excited and proud of her as she is an amazing athlete and has been one of Evan's biggest cheerleaders. Of course I had to return the favor and send her this picture right before she started the race.

Evan and his buddy who came to visit 
She is also affected by Harlequin Ichthyosis

I tracked my sister's progress throughout the day. I downloaded the Boston Marathon App onto my phone to stay connected. I even "rudely" kept checking my phone during a therapy session as I knew she was getting close to the finish. This amazing athlete finished the race with a time of 3:22:28 her new personal record. I was so proud of her and received a text message from her at 2:00 saying how she thought about Evan's picture throughout the entire race.

She was very lucky that day. Being only 3 blocks from the bombings at the time they occurred and experiencing that dramatic situation, she and her husband are Ok. You can imagine the frantic phone calls to her after hearing the news. Luckily text messaging worked and we received her text about 30 minutes after the bombings occurred. It is an incredibly unfortunate event to occur on such a joyous day filled with endless victories and accomplishments for so many. I have been at the finish line to cheer my sister on before. The last time I was at the finish cheering her on was when I was pregnant with Evan. I would have been there this year if we didn't have some visitors come from out of town. It is so mind blowing to think about that. I would never bring Evan to the finish line as I have experienced the crazy crowds and intensity of the city during a Marathon but he probably would have been in the Boston area with a friend.

I LOVE this city. It's a city I look forward to going to as long as I don't have to drive in it! A city my sister got married in, works in and lives near. Boston is strong. Im sure many of you know that already. Thinking about the good that did come from this tragic event; like runners continuing after the finish to donate blood, strangers helping one another offering a place to stay and food to eat and the amazing response from the police, marathon officials, and medical personnel really does show how strong this city is. We love you Boston. Always and forever 'Boston Strong'.

Marathon Monday 2010
My sister got engaged right after she finished the marathon.
 This is at her celebratory dinner.

Lynn's Marathon gear 2011
Raising awareness for FIRST

My favorite family photo
My sister's wedding at the Boston Public Library 2011

****One more thing I would like to say is THANK YOU to Robyn, creator of Tiny Superheroes, who sent capes to the children hospitalized after the Marathon bombings. All these capes were donated by Zaarly, the site where you can purchase/donate a cape yourself. Evan was featured as a Tiny Superhero in February this year. Robyn, you are a gracious soul putting smiles on the faces of many Tiny Superheroes!! THANK YOU!!****


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