Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Blog's 1st Anniversary!!!!

WOW! One whole year already!! I cannot believe how fast time flies AND that I was able to keep up with my very first blog for a year! And counting! I am so glad that I have reached out to help raise awareness for Ichthyosis and to help support the FIRST Foundation. I had always planned to connect, fundraise and raise awareness but it was until reading about Brenna that sparked my inspiration. On Rare Disease Day 2012, I shared my first post about being an Ichthy Mommy (any mommy of an Ichthyosis child ;-)) It felt good to finally share my story with others than just my family and personal friends. I was happy to raise awareness and plan on continuing to do so through this blog and with more fundraisers for FIRST.

Last year alone we were able to raise over $5,000 for FIRST. I never could have imagined collecting that much. Most of the money was earned during our "It Make Cents to Help FIRST" fundraiser. About $1,000 of it was raised by a good friend of ours who competed in a Triathlon in honor of Evan. Another friend of ours ran in the Hartford Half Marathon for Evan and for FIRST. We have had so much support this year from all of you and I thank you for helping and putting us a step closer towards a cure.

As most of you know my current fundraiser, Evan's FIRST Fundraiser, is a T-Shirt Sale to benefit FIRST. Printing will being soon and shirts will be ready to be sold and sent out well before Ichthyosis Awareness Month. And for all of you generous people who helped support the FIRST foundation this year by participating in any of my fundraisers or personally donating to FIRST, will be put into a raffle to:


I have all of the names of those who participated in "It Makes Cents" but if you donated to Rockhill's Triathlon, Leif's Half Marathon, or made a personal donation to FIRST in honor of Evan, please email me (, message or comment, so you can get thrown into the raffle too! Of course I will personally be paying full price for the shirt so FIRST still benefits from the profits. Win Win!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone who has helped raise awareness for Ichthyosis. Thank you for supporting Evan and the FIRST Foundation. And thanks for following along with my blog! I have enjoyed writing and posting over the year! Be sure to check out Powerful Posts, Videos, and Cute Stuff to see all sorts of pics, videos, and posts over the year!

More bubble fun!!


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