Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Evan is THREE and in Preschool!!

Evan celebrated his 3rd birthday over the weekend. We had an eventful day which included lots of gift opening, some family visits, lunch at the lake and a hike with Bruli. He didn't even nap and fell asleep early in preparation for his first day of preschool!!

Saturday night celebration

Birthday out and about

It's hard to believe my little man is already 3!!! And with the age of three comes the graduation of Birth to Three services and the transition to preschool. Evan attended his first day on Monday and absolutely loved it! He receives his therapy services at school and is truly enjoying the social interaction with all the kids. Hopefully he will pick up some pointers and learn how to sit independently and walk like all of the other children in his class. And hopefully he won't put up a fit every time he has therapy!

There is a lot to update about which I will try to do very soon! Ichthyosis Awareness Month came to a close and I am still collecting some jars. My grand total is no where near last year's. Mainly because I dedicated a lot of time into the T-Shirt sale (which we able to make $1,500 for FIRST) prior to May. May was a very very busy month for us full of therapy sessions, pre-op visits, school transition meetings/PPT and even a news interview. I did not get to promote IAM as much as I planned or wanted to but Evan comes first along with all of his appointments and therapy sessions.

In the meantime enjoy some Evan preschool cuteness! :-)

Play Dough!

Dots and Marker fun!

Sitting like a big boy!