Sunday, December 21, 2014

Our Facebook Page

I created a Facebook page so that everyone can keep up with my little guys at a finger's reach. I told myself I wouldn't, as I have the blog to update everyone but it is honestly easier & faster to update Facebook. Though I still plan on keeping up with the blog, I could also update the FB page when I don't have a chance to sit down at the computer to write.

Now that both of my boys have specialists to tend to, I wanted to be sure all of my family, friends and friends of friends are able to find out what is the latest news with my boys. Soooo here is the latest:

Evan, as you read already, is on the move. He is crawling all over the house, rolling around his cars and trucks. He loves to sit under the piano and tap on a drum or strum his little Mickey Mouse guitar while I play on the piano. He LOVES to play with the baby and show him his toys. He is such a great big brother and always tries to comfort the baby when he cries. He loves to help hold Vincenzo's bottle or "change his diaper". Evan says, "Goodbye baby. I go school now," every morning before  he leaves and "baby I home now," when he gets back. It is quite adorable.

Vincenzo is growing up fast. Something that is foreign to me since Evan takes so long to grow. He is wearing 6 months clothes already and is a whopping 15 1/2 lbs at almost 4 months old. He's wearing clothes that Evan was wearing when he was a year old!!! We recently were at the doctors following up with Cardiology. Vin had his 3rd EKG and Echocardiogram and did a very good job staying still for the doctors. Not sure how that will work when he's a wiggly 6 month old! All test came back good and the tumor in his heart has not changed size which is good in Cardiology's eyes.

We are getting very excited for Christmas! I hope everyone has a very happy holiday!!!

Check out our Facebook Page here!!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Tis' the Season

The Holidays are rapidly approaching and Evan is just delighted! He is very much into Christmas this year and Santa and PRESENTS!!! It is such a joy to see him get all excited over decorating, making cookies and getting & wrapping gifts. I have been anxiously awaiting for Evan to understand this season.

When we went to cut down our tree, Evan kept repeating over and over "Im so excited! Im so excited!" We brought a sled and everything as this was this first year there was snow on the ground while picking out a tree!!!

Evan had a holiday sale at school so he had the opportunity to buy presents for the family. I heard he took his present buying very seriously and never once asked or wanted anything for himself! A true gift giver!! I can't wait to see what he picked out for me. I have a feeling it will be by far my favorite gift.

But as much as it is the "season of giving" it is definitely a time to remember and be grateful for our blessings and the wonderful life we get to live. This is Vincenzo's 1st Christmas and Evan's 1st as an eager Santa fan! This will be a memorable holiday for sure!

Cookie Time!!!