Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our MicroSilk Tub

I find it ironic that over 3 years I will still put Evan in his blue baby tub, especially since we have an amazing, "skin healing" tub in our bathroom. I think that I have been set in my ways & routines but since Evan wasn't able to sit up independently until recently, the baby tub has been "easy". I would much prefer Evan to have a bath in our MicroSilk tub. I have to say that it is more work to clean out and prepare since it is a full size tub rather than a 3 gallon infant tub but the benefits from it are undeniable.

When Evan was born we were renting a home. It worked out in our favor because when we were ready to buy, we bought a house with Evan in mind. From purchasing a leather couch to make Aquaphor smears easier to clean, to putting in hardwood floors to avoid carpeting that Aquaphor would just destroy, we also kept the bathroom necessities at the top of our list. We knew a bathroom overhaul was the only possibility in the house we purchased. Though I was thinking more "new, fresh & clean" was what Evan needed, my mother in-law was thinking "we need to find a tub that Evan will benefit from". She did some research and found the MicroSilk tub.

While working closely with a woman named Cindy, at a local bath retailer, she provided me with a lot of information about the tub. Cindy was able to connect us with some representatives from the company who gave us the opportunity to set up a "tub test" for Evan. We wanted to make sure it was safe for him to use and had a positive effect on his skin. So one day, two representatives came to our home with a utility sink sized MicroSilk tub. Evan was only 7-8 months old at the time but once we placed him in the tub you could see it working it's magic. His thinner scales were easily coming off with minimal rubbing.

A MicroSilk tub is similar to a jet tub but does not force strong air through the jets. The special design emits millions and millions of oxygen rich bubbles which are so tiny they can get into your pores for deep cleaning. For Evan, these little bubbles get underneath his scales and gently exfoliate without the harsh rubbing. We still put in some effort to exfoliate, usually with our hands rather than a wash cloth. We do not nearly put in the effort we would with a traditional bath. Not only does this type of tub help with exfoliation, we have not felt the need to use baking soda in these baths. We will usually put in a splash of bleach for a piece of mind. Even though something looks clean and I just cleaned it doesnt mean it is clean. You can never be too safe with cleanliness and HI.

I can only wonder if these little bubbles are able to make it into his tight pores and give his skin oxygen.  We notice after a MicroSilk, prior to an immediate Aquaphor application, that his skin is very soft. With Ichthyosis his pores are extremely tight, preventing sweat from even breaking through. Removing the scales and allowing oxygen to aid his skin could only be a benefit. You can tell when Evan has had a MicroSilk bath because his skin looks fantastic, not scaly for the majority of the day (again with continuous Aquaphor applications). And at night it is honestly hard to give him a "good" 2nd bath since the morning MicroSilk had such amazing results. Though no matter what, with Ichthyosis, It NEVER hurts to soak!

The water of every bath Evan takes looks as if you shook a snow globe. But the amount of skin left over in the MircoSilk tub is almost unbelievable. It is obvious this type of tub is beneficial for scale removal. We have to use a (clean) fish net to scoop out the skin.  I'm honestly worried about what skin and Aquaphor residue are doing to our plumbing.

I hope you are not eating! And this is a 5"x 3" fish net. 

I'd say the size, width, depth, weight comparison would be a candy bar.. Baby Ruth!

The craziest part is that this is not nearly all of the skin in the tub. And it's not the most I have ever scooped out either. Keep in mind that Evan is only 21 pounds & the size/length of a skinny 18 month old. I can't imagine how much more skin will be left over when he's 10!

I just wish someone with Ichthyosis who is older (or can at least talk) would take a couple long MicroSilks and give me their input! Any takers??