Friday, March 13, 2015

Snow Days

We have had quite the winter here! Not only were temps way below 0 many days but the snow was crazy too! I'm so sick of snow! Which is usually the consensus for everyone come the end of winter. Evan had quite the handful of snow days this year. Many weeks only going to school 1 or 2 days. So I have had my hands full the past few months! Luckily, this year Evan really enjoyed the snow and had some fun playing in our yard. He even got to go sledding for the first time! Enjoy the photos of this happy little kid in the snow! It was a joy for me to watch a kid being a kid!

January Snow Days
He loved walking in and kicking around the snow!

I remember the joy of playing in the snow when I was little too!

Evan was getting a kick out of Bruli's excitement too!

It's hard to tell who likes the snow more!

 February Snow Days
Good thing for snow blowers! AKA sledding track makers!

Evan's very first time sledding!!

March Snow Days
The crew

Vincenzo got out one day too!

That face is priceless! Pure happiness and joy!