Thursday, June 12, 2014


We celebrated Evan's 4th Birthday on Monday and had a birthday party for him last weekend. It is quite amazing how time flies and how my little man not only turned 4 but is finishing his first year at preschool. Wow, has he come a long way! The important things in life such as happiness really make our lives complete. This child is literally the happiest kid I know and it melts my heart to know that he is clearly enjoying his life.

Things were so uncertain the day he was born. Though I was certain he'd survive, I wasn't sure of how life was going to be for him. Now it's obvious that things are going well. He is improving (developmentally) everyday with speech, gross motor and fine motor abilities, his skin care is consistent and our normal which has kept him infection free (knocking on wood) and he is so happy, silly and playful like any other toddler I know. His pleasant and joyful disposition makes me think his little brother-in-brewing is going to give me a run for my money!

Happy Birthday to my special warrior. You have proven yourself to be a fighter and I know you will go far in life. Keep smiling sweet boy!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!