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Evan rockin' his new school clothes with his best bud!

Silly, Silly, Silly!

Sitting like a big boy.. for a few seconds anyway!


Evan's 3rd Christmas

Christmas Eve AND Evan is wearing real clothes! Khakis and all!

Playing some Christmas tunes

Bounce Bounce Tigger was a hit!

Fall 2012

Evan's new buddy Brenna

Halloween fun during the day..

And at night!

At the farm for some cider

Hiking with Mommy

Evan got a pony walker.. VERY exciting.

Summer 2012

(-: Peace :-)

Checking out our Dahlias

He is totally into watching 'Bubble Guppies' these days

He loves his pup

Evan's 2nd Birthday

Spring 2012

Laughing at..? Not really sure :-)

Someone got glasses

Hiking with Mommy

Munching on a cheese puff

Spa treatment OUTSIDE

All the boys taking a snooze

Winter 2012

Evan's 'Puppy' Bruli

Evan got caught scratching...

...and thought it was funny!!

Snoozing with his EYES CLOSED

Kisses from Bruli
March 2012

Laughing Boy
April 2012

Evan being "Fresh"
February 2012


Christmas 2011
18 months old

August 2011
14 months old

June 2011
BIRTHDAY BOY 1 year old

April 2011
10 months old

February 2011
8 months old


December 2010
6 months old

October 2010
4 months old

September 2010
3 months old