Saturday, March 23, 2013

Page Update- Stephanie Turner's Blog

I have added a new link to the "Learn More" section of this blog. Stephanie is the author of the blog Lifeasusdotcom and is the FIRST WOMAN with Harlequin Ichthyosis to be pregnant! She is such a beautiful, bubbly, inspiring woman who is showing the world that a life threatening disorder will not get in her way of living a "normal" life. Check out her blog and read her story, as her and her husband Curt will soon be expecting their baby boy.

Stephanie also has a youtube channel where she shares videos about her life, living with HI. She has also shared her story on a few different blogs and sites. Here are the places you can read about her other than her personal blog:

-On the blog Confetti Skin, Beauty Within you can read her story HERE.

-The FIRST Foundation shared Stephanie's story on their page as well, which you can read HERE.

-Courtney, Brenna's mom, also shared Stephanie's story on her blog and you can read that HERE.

Stephanie is shining such a positive light on HI, proving that you can live the life you want even with life threatening obstacles in your way. As she grew up in a positive home and in a positive community, she participated in activities any kid growing up would. Now married and expecting a baby, she has grown up to have the life she dreamed about and is a woman who is inspiring so many.

Stephanie at her baby shower


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