Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Day in Our Life: One Year Later

Evan has made some great progress in the past year. Even though I wish he was walking and talking, it is such a relief that we have a way to communicate with each other. I notice big differences in Evan's strength between the two movies. He has more control of his trunk & head and can sit & stand independently (except for balance). He is eating solid foods & snacks, drinking Pedisure rather than formula and has achieved some amazing receptive & cognitive skills. As much as the last year's movie was "something to do" and "something to post about" I am so glad I made it. Now I can see how far Evan has come. I can reminisce of what he was like then and feel proud about where he is now. The only thing that did not change over the year, or throughout his entire life, is his skin care.

My job seems even more demanding these days. Rather than a needy infant that needed multiple bottles and changes involving many sleepless nights; is a toddler who isn't mobile (which is obviously frustrating for him) and wants to be entertained 100% of the time. So much to the point where I am the only one who can entertain him while at home. He is certainly a Mama's boy but you'd think after spending endless hours with me he would want to hang out with his Dad.  But No. He cries whenever he is not around me. Joe can't play with him, change him, bathe him without Evan getting very upset while reaching and wailing "Mama Mama!". As much as this is a HUGE milestone for him to reach out and call my name, it can get exhausting after spending the previous 12 hours with him. Hopefully this 2 year old behavior will be out grown by the time he is three.

Our days and weeks are full of therapy sessions, gross/fine motor exercises, developmental activities and doctor appointments. They are filled with skin care management and constant battles to eat & drink fluids. They are filled with repetitive cleaning, sanitizing and washing.  They are filled with hope for the future and a worry that never quite goes away. Most parents are potty training their child at Evan's age. They go to playgrounds & parks and walk around and play. They devour their birthday cake and open presents with ease. We will get there one day. Maybe not this year or next but eventually it will be "A Day in Our Life".

Check out the post BELOW for last year's movie



  1. He is just too cute for words! Me and Emerson loved the video!! You are an AMAZING momma and we are so proud of Evans accomplishments and growth. We pray your family every night before bedtime and love seeing Evan on Instagram.

  2. You're such a GREAT momma! Ev is so smart & cute as a button. :) Bruli's such a good protector lol.

    1. Thanks! Bruli is too funny. He was prob in 90% of the footage I took!