Friday, April 4, 2014

LOTS Going on!!!

-We are getting closer to May which means it's Ichthyosis Awareness Month (IAM) countdown! This year to support FIRST for IAM, I'm doing another T-Shirt Sale to benefit this foundation. I have already taken orders and sent shirts to print. If you didn't order, I ordered a few extras which can be purchased but I cannot guarantee size and color. Send me an email,, if you are still interested in purchasing a shirt to support FIRST!!

-Also, as May approaches so does the Red Sox game at Fenway! On May 29th, we will be celebrating IAM during a baseball game at my favorite team's home base! The goal is to raise awareness for Ichthyosis and FIRST, so hopefully you will be able to join us! Tickets are still available but won't be for long so find out more details here: FIRST Night Out at Fenway

-In other news we have a special friend coming for a visit in about a week or so. Carly, whom I have spoke of before, is traveling the states and is making a stop in CT just to see us! I am sooooooo excited to see her! And I am so excited for her to finally meet Evan. We plan on meeting up with a few friends from the FIRST Foundation as well. Though it's chilly here in April, hopefully we will luck out with some nice weather and I can show her the beauty of Northwest CT!

-In bigger news, Evan is going to be a big brother!!!!!! We are very excited to be able to give Evan a sibling and he is just thrilled about the thought of a new baby coming. Im already getting close to the half way mark and everything is looking good and healthy! So I will be a busy mommy come September with an immobile 4 year old and a newborn. But I honestly cannot wait. Luckily I have lots of family that is willing to help out.

-Evan is just loving school these days. He is such a silly little guy when he sees the bus pulling in the driveway. His face lights up and his smile can't get any bigger. His speech is coming along nicely and it is getting easier and easier to communicate with him. He is smart as can be and knows his numbers and letters. He is getting stronger though still very behind in motor skills. He does well in crawling position though his arms are not strong enough to hold his weight and his balance is not 100%. He loves to walk with assistance though again he has no balance whatsoever. But I can definitely see the growth he has made this school year in all areas, even if it's itty bitty steps rather than leaps and bounds.

Enjoy a few new pictures and videos of my special little man!

He LOVES his Mickey guitar!

Standing like a big boy in his Tiny Superheroes shirt!

Practicing those ABC's

Rockin' out with Daddy!