Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Little Things...

I have to say that I love my life. I am very happy and am so grateful I'm able to stay home to take care of Evan. I have no desire to be a stay at home mom forever, I look forward to teaching once again. Once Evan is in school or at least verbally communicating, I will feel more comfortable with him being 'independent', from his mother anyway. I have been blessed with a loving and supportive family (both sides) and have some incredible friends to top it off. My husband is truly amazing. He works so hard for us and is making it possible for me to stay home right now. He is crazy about Evan and Evan is crazy about him. This amazing life would not be complete without my precious baby. He is the light of my life. He gives me my energy and makes me unbelievably happy. That's why I appreciate the little things since I am so fortunate for everyone and everything I have in my life.

These are just some of the little things I LOVE about my life:

      ~ Evan's smile. I literally am bursting with joy and love when I see his face light up with a smile.

      ~ Evan's laugh. It is hard not to laugh never mind grin when he giggles. And no matter the type of day I am having, his laughter always makes it so much better.

      ~ The way Evan looks at his Daddy. His eyes are especially mesmerizing as he admiringly glares at his Dad with nothing other than a happy face. I can feel Evan's energy change when Joe walks in the door at the end of the day. When Joe changes and puts Aquaphor on Evan, I can hear Evan's belly laugh coming from the changing room (on the second floor!). I feel like Im floating on a cloud to see the love Evan has for his Daddy.

      ~ When Evan giggles at Bruli. Bruli is always running around and acting crazy. After all, he is not much older than Evan. Funny enough, Evan loves Bruli's hyper intensity and feeds off of this silliness to be silly too. There isn't a time when Bruli is fetched a ball and Evan doesn't hysterically laugh and giggle.
      ~ The feeling I get when Joe pulls into the driveway. Totally serious! I feel like a kid on Christmas day when he gets home from work. I think it's cute that I still get butterflies when I see my husband after being away from him for the day.

      ~ When Nibby (our cat) comes running inside late at night. We live in a forest and there are all kinds of wild animals around. I get so nervous to let the cat out at night but he will do anything to get out and I mean anything (he'll scratch at the door, knock things off the table/counter, claw my needle point chair or mattress). So late at night when I finally try to get him back inside, I am elated when he comes spirinting in from the darkness. Nibby 365+; wild animals 0. And I hope we can keep it that way!

      ~When Evan naps. My break, which are becoming more scarce as he gets older. But when he does nap, it is such a relieving feeling. For one- he is saving calories and two- I get to put my feet up for a bit! 

      ~Saturday mornings. Having Joe home is awesome. It's kind of weird being home alone all day everyday with Evan. When the weekend rolls around I am so excited to have Joe around to hang out with and obviously help take care of Ev-Man. Evan usually gets a Daddy bath Saturday mornings which are a nice change after morning baths all week with Mommy.

      ~Shopping with Evan. Evan is very use to and comfortable in his car carrier for travel and in the grocery store. I LOVE to go grocery shopping and Evan is so good while we are out, that it makes the experience more enjoyable. He likes to look around and investigate the scene and will not let me put up the visor since it blocks his view. The stimulation is good for him and I tend to go to the same store so the employees remember us, well at least Evan. Shopping without him just doesn't feel right.

Precious moments like these are why I love my life so much


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  1. Awww I love this list, and that picture! It really is the little things that make life so good :)