Thursday, September 6, 2012

About Me: Being Creative

I have to say that writing on this blog has helped me relax and get a break in a way. I have been able to promote fundraisers to earn LOTS of donations for the FIRST Foundation (over $5,000 to be exact), raise awareness for Harlequin Ichthyosis, and "vent" a bit. Blogging has given me something to do and look forward to other than caring for Evan and doing housework.

I like to be creative and make things; all types of crafts, sewing projects, house decor, photography decor, drawing, painting & baking. Evan's care has been so exhausting and overwhelming that I pretty much stopped doing the hobbies I love and had time for. Prior to Evan's birth, I was sewing a lot more and baking up a storm. Now, when I have free time, I'm usually cleaning or resting. Evan wakes up pretty late (9:00am) so I get up 1-2 hours prior just to have some free time. With a therapist coming everyday and thanks to our 65 pound dog that "doesn't shed", I spend most of this free time cleaning the floors. I want to try and manage my time differently so I can do more of the hobbies I enjoy. In reality that just means the house will not be as clean. :-p

The other day, I pulled a sewing bag out of the closet. Inside were some scraps of fabric that were left over from two baby blankets I made for Evan when he was born. Once I have my mind set on something crafty, I usually follow through as soon as possible. For instance yesterday morning, I used those scraps to make some pants for Evan. About 20 minutes later they were finished. For not having been in the sewing groove in years, they turned out pretty well. I was sewing while standing up and my machine was sitting on an end table. Let's just say, I didn't think I would have enough time to finish before Evan woke up so I didn't bother to create a decent sewing set up.

The 1st blanket I made for Evan (before he was born)

Sewing is my favorite hobby. I received a Bachelors degree in Fashion Design and Production in 2005. I am more into sewing, creating a garment from scratch and quilting than keeping up to date with the latest fashion designers or 'styles'. The nice part about designing is that no matter what I make, it's always 'one of a kind'. I have made myself a lot of clothing but haven't in a long time. Other than the blankets I made for Evan when he was born, it has been two years since I have done any sewing. After making these pants for Evan and having pinterest at my fingertips, the inspriation to get back into the swing of things looks good.

The center of the 2nd blanket I made for Evan 
(I actually made this when I came home from visiting him 
one day, finished it, washed it, and brought it to the NICU the next morning)

As much as I love funky dresses, skirts & outfits, I haven't had much time to create these things. Other than having the time for it, fabric is a necessity and unfortunately I am not very close to a fabric store. That's when second hand stores or thrifting comes in handy. Finding clothing/fabric which I can use to make something else is always a nice way to "recycle" (and I try to be as "green" as I can and even posted about "being green" with Ichthyosis a few months ago). So now I am on a mission to get back into these hobbies that I love.

Sporting his new flannels while getting a smooch from Bru



  1. I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog and being able to follow Evan's amazing progress. I worked with your father-in-law in school and he has kept me up to date on all of Evan's cute happenings with lots of pictures almost from the day he was born. I was so happy when he introduced me to this blog since I retired this past June and won't be there to enjoy all the updates. You are doing a fantastic job. Evan is a real cutie and he is so fortunate to have been born into such a loving family. I can tell that his Grandpa is really really proud of him!

  2. Hi! I am moving and have decided that I need to get rid of a ton of my fabric. Would you like any of it?