Friday, June 22, 2012

And the GRAND TOTAL is....

$4, 055.17

Wow, wow, wow!!!! I am overwhelmed with the success of this fundraiser!! THANK YOU ALL sooo much for all of your help raising awareness AND an incredible amount of money for the FIRST Foundation!!! AND the crazy part is there are a few more donations I still have to collect!!! I never thought we would raise this much money and I am so impressed with all of the dedication put into my "It Makes Cents to Help FIRST" fundraiser by all of the participants and donators. THANK YOU!!!!

I have to give some shout outs to some amazing participants, (though you ALL are amazing). Torrington Middle School raised a lot of money for this fundraiser, thanks to my father in-law. He teaches there and organized a student raffle to win iTunes gift cards (which he donated) and organized a teachers 'dress down' day. All together his school earned $625 for the FIRST Foundation. AMAZING! And that didn't stop him or my mother in-law. They also collected another $280 from donation jars.

Kaleigh, a family member of my husband, collected $757.97. WOW!!!! She collected donations at her college and in her community. I almost fell over when she told me how much she collected. It was at Evan's birthday party when I received her donations, so that definitely was the 'icing' on a wonderful day.

Over $1,000 of donations were collected at local business that participated in the "It Makes Cents to Help FIRST" fundraiser. I am very grateful that the owners were happily willing to help raise awareness and put out donations jars to support FIRST. Some of the business that participated include: The Watertown Meat Center, Cavallo's Italian Specialty Shoppe, Mark's Garden Center, Nicky G's Wine and Spirits, Litchfield Pet Supply, Glasses Galore, and New London Ink. 

Most of the remaining donations were collected at other businesses that participated thanks to many friends and family members who took their donation jars to work. Some friends collected change in their own home and others, who had difficulties finding places to put their jar, gave personal donations as well.

I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who helped make this fundraiser such a success. I could not have done it without all of your help. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

As you can see, Evan was pleased with the total as well


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