Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Evan Hand-Me-Downs

Enjoy some cute pics of Evan when he was a baby. And Vincenzo wearing the same outfit years later!!! :-) Time is flying on by!!!

Evan 16 months  - Vin 4 months
I LOVE this sleeper! It's a Life is Good piece which says "Bee Happy". 
I had to save this one even though it got its fair share of Aquaphor.
(FYI- Evan just started eating yogurt and had a cute yogurt stache)

Evan 10 months - Vin 2 months
This hand-me-down was actually given to Evan from his Daddy! 
It is an outfit that the boys' great grandparents got when they were in Spain many years ago. 
Unfortunately we cannot find a picture of their Daddy wearing it. Maybe it'll pop up someday.

Evan 7 months - Vin 3 months
This onesie was definitely a keeper! Without a doubt their Daddy is their hero. 
Evan wore this countless times and Vincenzo probably wore it twice.
 Oh and Evan can still sit in the Bumbo and get out of it with no problems. 
The Bumbo goes with Vin as his chunky thighs get stuck in it!

And speaking of hand-me-downs, here is a video clip of Vincenzo getting kisses from Bruli in Evan's old jumper just as Evan did years ago!! This dog is a love-bug!

Kisses for Vincenzo
January 2015

Kisses for Evan 
March 2012


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