Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Life with Two Kiddos

Life has been very busy as a mom of two. Evan kept me busy as is, add a newborn and WOW! I am still adjusting, trying to make sure Evan gets just as much attention as before without him feeling jealous. Luckily he has been a very good brother and the jealousy has not surfaced yet. The worst I get is Evan saying "Mama, put baby down," in order to get something he asked for. I chuckle and think it is pretty darn cute that he thinks I cannot multitask!

With a new baby comes times where I find myself "keeping Evan busy" so I can feed the baby or do baby "duties". This usually means Evan is watching a show on the iPad. He is currently obsessed with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. He sings along with all of the songs, giggles and repeats most of what they talk about on the show. Fortunately he is learning something. Life lessons/morals like taking turns, listening to directions for safety, being calm when need be, thinking happy thoughts when scared and the list goes on. I feel guilty sticking him in front of the iPad but recently he begs me to watch it. Over and over and over. Luckily it is not the only thing he does in a day.

Evan is starting to become more independent and is now army crawling all over the house. It could not come at more of a perfect time. He loves to scoot all over the place with some cars and balls. We make forts with big boxes and sheets over the couch and coffee table. I've made him a road, with masking tape, that he got a kick out of for a few days. He is definitely enjoying the independence and I do not feel as guilty as he is doing something motor, FINALLY!

School is going very well for Evan. He still LOVES it and is the happiest kid as he boards the bus. He loves being a big brother and is quite the helper too! Enjoy the video and current pics of our boys!

Halloween: "Smarty Pants and Tigger"

He refused all other costumes!!

Fall hikin' with the boys

Playing with Bruli! He always tells Bruli to come in his fort!

Such a good big brother!!



  1. Awesome! It's amazing how much Evan has progressed over the past few months, I find from looking at your posts and videos. Good job to all of you!

    Adeline from Montreal