Thursday, September 12, 2013

Picking Up and Moving On

What a perfect post to follow my previous, Staying Positive...

So a few days ago, Evan and I took a trip to Target. It was in the evening and the weather was changing into a warm spell. I have a handicap pass for him so it is easier to get into the store, especially on hot days. This day I did not use it as I tend to look for a close spot first and found one. I still don't feel completely comfortable parking in the handicap spot and really only use it on those dangerously hot days.

As I was getting Evan out of the car a mother and daughter walked by, leaving the store. I could see that the mother started to stare and continued to do so as she walked by us. I smiled as usual and as we walked away towards the store I heard her mutter, "Ever hear of sunblock?" Quite surprised I whipped my head and instinctually responded with a "Hah" and sarcastic smile. The kind of "hah" that I can hear my Grandfather say when someone said something "smart" (that would be you Rob!). But by the time I looked back I only had a microsecond to make eye contact with her before she walked behind a car. I would have liked to nicely put her in her place by educating her but I was not about to turn around and chase her down. I was just surprised that she reacted that way in front of her child. That kind of example only leads to one thing.

Luckily I was in a good mood. Even if I was in a bad mood I wouldn't let it bring me down. I might have said something snarky but wouldn't let it ruin my day. But I pick up and move on because like I said in my last post, "There is only so much you can do and so many people you can educate. From there you just need to live your life". There is no point in dwelling on it. There is no need to get upset over it. This is the kind of example I must set for Evan since ignorant people like that have no place in your life. They cannot control the way you feel. Unfortunately there will be bad days and that's just how it is. Everyone has a bad day here and there, yet another part of life. But life is short. Life is precious. So we will live our lives happy with the people we love and love to be around.

I feel like I am coming out of my shell too. I wouldn't hide Evan in public but I would try not to let people look at him, especially in the beginning. I would always look for the people who were looking. But as Evan has gotten older I have become more comfortable in public. Now I care less about the looks, stares or questions and just smile, educate and live my life. Evan is a social butterfly anyways, is constantly gabbing or being silly so most encounters are quite pleasant. We can't worry about what the world thinks.
It feels good to be happy.

 "Brush off the dust and pick up your head. Walk tall."

Happy boy- First day of school!


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  1. You are such an amazing mom! Cant wait to meet you and Evan sometime at Goshen Center school! :) kristine girardin newell.