Monday, September 30, 2013

Lovin' this Fall Weather

Evan LOVES to be outside so this time of year is perfect for him. We have been out and about on walks, hikes and car ride adventures. My sister and brother in-law bought Evan a cute little ride for his birthday. This thing has been a huge hit since June and when we want to take an adventure outside we usually bring the car along.

I do not offer to let Evan "walk" until the hike is coming to a close. Once this kid gets on his feet there is no turning back no matter how tired or lack of effort he puts in. He will absolutely refuse to be held and throws a fit if you try because he wants to be on his feet. It's a strain on your back as Evan needs a some support in his trunk and for balance. He has yet to stand on his two feet completely on his own. Hikes are a lot easier when there are two adults around so we can switch off to help Evan walk.

Here are a few shots of us  out and about in beautiful Northwest Connecticut. 

How could I not include this one! The whole crew posing for a shot!


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