Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Updates, Updates Updates!

Its been a while since I blogged because we have been busy busy bees over here!!! May was crazy, as I mentioned in my last post, filled with appointments, meetings, therapy sessions, a news interview, my 30th birthday and Ichthyosis Awareness Month activities. June was equally as busy with Evan's 3rd birthday, transition into preschool and a vacation to North Carolina.

Now that July is here I have some time to "relax" a bit. Relax is in quotes because what Ichthy Mommy really has time to relax? We have no big plans for July other than Evan's preschool summer session, which is only 3 days a week. We close out this month with a visit to the OR for Evan's ear cleaning and eye surgery... FINALLY!

So what has been going on over here? LOTS. June started off with a family photo shoot thanks to Simplicity by Carrie Photography. We had the photos taken on our property and even got a few shots in with Bruli and Nibby! Evan is not the most photogenic person especially when he is not in the "mood" to take pics but Carrie definitely got some good ones!

Evan's 3rd birthday party was celebrated the week after his birthday. He had a marvelous time hamming it up for all of his guests. He got a kick out of opening presents this year and even put a little bit of cake in his mouth! We have so many wonderful friends and family members who came to join the celebration. And this year I had a lot of help with food so I didn't have to go crazy making dishes. Thanks to everyone who helped out!!

Jungle theme!

Happy 3 year old!

Best gift ever!

Happy Day!

For Evan's second week of preschool, he rode the bus! We purchased a special chair for him to use and travel to and from school in. Since he is still unable to walk and sit independently this chair helps significantly for his safety while traveling around school. It lowers and raises to the desired height of the table he is sitting at and can be reclined or adjusted for his comfort while sitting. It is more appropriate for the school setting than the average stroller.

First time riding the bus!

We recently returned from our vacation to North Carolina! This year went very well though we were a bit bummed Joe could not join the family since he had work obligations. The temperatures were cooler than they were in the Northeast! (In the 25+ years we have been traveling down south I have never experienced cool summer temps like this!) There were a lot of overcast and breezy days which was perfect beach weather for this boy!  Never mind all the fun he had with his cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

He loved being out in the sunshine!

And even wanted to go to the beach!

So we went!

 Sporting Evan's FIRST Shirts

  Evan wore tie-dye so he'd stand out :-p

The sun was bright and the wind took his hat!

Still lots to update about my Ichthyosis Awareness Month fundraising, how to transition into a school setting and details about Evan's upcoming OR procedures. I will be able to update more often now that we are in a "downtime" month!!


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  1. Love these pics :) Evan is making amazing progress - what a star :)
    You're a fantastic mother - love seeing his progress and yours too x