Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"It Makes Cents to Help FIRST" Final Tally..

May was Ichthyosis Awareness Month (IAM). A lot of activities, events, special blog posts and articles were shared by many in the Ichthyosis community to raise awareness for this life long condition. Carly, author of Tune into Radio Carly hosted guest posters each day of IAM (those stories can be found here and my post on her blog is here). Stephanie, author of LifeasUsdotcom, was the first woman with Harlequin Ichthyosis to give birth. Her healthy baby boy was born on May 25th. Mom, Dad and baby are all doing very well and you can keep up with them at LifeasUsdotcom. Courtney, Brenna's mom and author of Blessed by Brenna, wrote some great posts during IAM and even created a video to raise awareness and donations for FIRST (which can be found here).

Many events were hosted in honor of FIRST. You can read about all of these events on their site by CLICKING HERE. This year I decided to participate in the "It Makes Cents to Help FIRST" coin collection. I did not do as well (planning & promoting) as last year but still made a nice chunk of change totaling $378.55 *****UPDATED TO $588.55******!!! Thank you to everyone who helped collect change and donated!!!!

My father in-law, again, hosted a dress down day for the staff at his school and organized a student raffle. In addition to the fundraising events he hosted at school, he collcted donations at the Germania Club as well. All of the proceeds were to benefit FIRST which amounted to $1,100!! Amazing!!!

So far this year with my father in-law's fundraising efforts, my coin collection and my T-Shirt sale we have raised over $3,000!!! All thanks to my inspiring son, your kind donations and your efforts to help raise awareness!!!

Thank You!!!

 Evan thanks you too!!!!


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