Saturday, January 5, 2013

T-Shirt Sale

Evan's FIRST Fundraiser 2013

To kick off the New Year I have finally made plans for a t-shirt sale. I wanted to have the t-shirt sale ready to go in November and time got the best of me.  All profits from this fundraiser will benefit the FIRST Foundation in Evan's name. I thought it would be nice to have shirts sold and sent out with plenty of time before Ichthyosis Awareness Month.

The design of the shirt is pretty much done with only a few edits left to be made. I plan to begin printing this month and will keep everyone updated. If you are interested in a shirt PLEASE email me, with the subject field titled "T-Shirt Sale", so I can get an idea of how many to order. Payment is not required until shirts are printed and officially "ordered". I will have a paypal account accessible for easier purchase. I am estimating that shirts will cost between $15-20, again all profits to benefit the FIRST Foundation. If this changes I will let you all know but I do not expect them to be more than $20. UNLESS you want your shirt custom tie-dyed, which I am estimating will cost an extra $10.

I appreciate all of your support for this amazing foundation. After an amazing start to the New Year and  not only being part of but a recipient of a very generous fundraiser, I feel inspired to give back and do some good for our Ichthyosis community. And what better way to do it than to have shirts ready to be worn for Ichthyosis Awareness Month.

Since the design is not yet complete I do not have a picture right now. But I can tell you that it is custom designed and I am using my favorite quote on the back, "Sometimes we live no particular way but our own." I will post pics of the completed shirts when they are ready for sale!

Again, If you are interested in purchasing a shirt when they are available, please email me ( so I can have an idea of how many shirts to make and what size(s) you are interested in. Thank You!!!!


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