Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rockhill's Triathlon Inspiration

A very good friend of ours, Tom Rockhill, has become quite the athlete these past few years. Rockhill has trained and participated in many road races and a few triathlons. Now he will be competing in the Sandy Beach Triathlon, in Evan's honor, here in CT next month. He is on a mission to earn donations which will be given to the FIRST Foundation in Evan's name.

I was so touched that Tom wanted to run in Evan's honor. It will be so wonderful to be standing at the finish line with Evan rooting him on. Not only are we very excited and proud of Rockhill for his dedication and willingness to help earn donations for FIRST, but it will also be the first time we have seen him in years. We all grew up together in CT but Tom has been living in Florida for years and we unfortunately have never made it down that far south. It will be quite the party once Tom gets back and we will not only reminisce of the 'olden' days but will create new memories and OF COURSE introduce him to our little warrior.

Rockhill has a blog to promote his Triathlon. Feel free to check it out. Rockhill's Triathlon Blog
It is hard for me not to giggle at some of his posts... I guess you need to know Rockhill to understand his humor.. or maybe not!!!!

The Tri-Athlete


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