Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Day in Our Life

A day in our life is pretty busy. Evan keeps me on my toes for sure!! Even though Evan is smaller than the average 6 month old, he is definitely acting like a toddler. Aside from skin care, the baby care is pretty exhausting as well. I do not get much down time on a typical day. If Evan is content playing or sleeping I am usually doing housework. After seeing a Neurologist in March, we now have more therapy appointments during the week which only leaves one day open for doctor appointments and we usually have at least 3 doctor appointments a month.

I have written in earlier posts about the care Evan receives in a day. Instead of journaling another 'typical day' I decided to record video clips of our daily routines (these iPhones come in handy). This video is a collection of short videos of some typical things we do in a day. All of the clips were taken yesterday April 9, 2012 which was also the day Evan turned 22 MONTHS!!!!! I was able to edit and create this video thanks to an unexpected break yesterday. My husband arranged for his mother to watch Evan so we could have some time off to do some gardening. What a guy!!!



  1. Dede thanks so much for sharing! He seems like such a good boy. And You are such a great mommy. Evan is a lucky little man!

  2. Really enjoyed your video! Your little one is just cute as can be. You take such amazing care of him too. What awesome parents he has! I would love to follow your blog (hope you don't mind!) We have a blog also at www.mypuffycheeks.com if you'd like to visit! Ps. I found your page from "mommies of miracles" via facebook! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family.


  3. loved your blog and video.. he is a beautiful child.. and looks like into everything. I love it when our child get to act like children..my blog is about my child with a genetic disorder as well..http://confessionsofasleepdeprivedmomma.blogspot.com/2012/04/world.html?spref=fb

  4. Wow DD...I am completely breathtaken. I can't believe how content Evan is when you clean his ears, and the baths. Its as if he knows what needs to be done. I always knew you'd turn out to be a strong person, god only gives special people like Evan to special people like you and joe to care for him. An honest "gift" indeed.