Friday, November 1, 2013

An Eventful Halloween

This year was Evan's very first Halloween as a "trick-or-treater". We only went to two houses; Evan's great grandmother's and his grandparents' (dad's side). I was so excited for him since this was the first year he kind of understood the concept. Well at least walking to a door, knocking and getting candy! And this was the first Halloween out of FOUR where he was actually able to be on his feet for a significant amount of time while given help to walk. I think I was more excited than anyone else!

Here is a little video of Evan trick-or-treating at his very first house!

Not only did we have a busy night stopping at a few houses but Evan's day was jam packed with Halloween festivities. I sent Evan off to school as Superman with his Super Evan cape. We even handed out Tiny Superhero treats to his classmates!

I even got to stop by Evan's school to watch him participate in Halloween centers. It was so nice seeing how he interacts with the other kids. And it didn't seem to phase him that I was there. Actually he didn't pay much attention to me at all! I hung out until after the kids got their treats. I even watched Evan grab his own juice box and take a big sip. He wasn't expecting juice and didn't try again but it was nice to see him mimic what everyone else was doing. He even pretended to eat his pumpkin treat!

Stamps are fun!

What a faker!

Once he got home from school we had Music Therapy. Evan was able to "shake some sillies out" and was dancing and being goofy the whole session! As if that wasn't enough for this non napper we even carved our pumpkin since Evan fell asleep so early the night before. He was not a fan of the goop. He wouldn't even touch it but gladly rolled his truck over it!

Before this Superman changed for trick-or-treating I had to snap a picture of him and his silly daddy who came home as a Coors Light!! And they are both rocking a pretty sweet peace sign!

Hope you all had a great Halloween!!!!



  1. He is SO cute! Love his costumes, especially the little dragon. And how nice to see him walking up to the door. Such progress.

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