Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Wow! My baby came home 3 years ago today! As much as his birthday is a celebration of his life and the milestones he made since birth, it was a VERY intense day and birth experience. I can't help but want to celebrate the HAPPY day when he finally came home to his mommy and daddy... for good! Last year I wrote a post, Two years Post NICU. And here we are again another year later with much to celebrate!

Mommy and Evan 
First day home 8-7-10

Mommy and Evan
Cunningham Tower 8-7-13

Before I go further, I have to update you all on Evan's surgery. Let me tell you how absolutely amazing this kid is! He was in good spirits all morning until the moment he was taken in. While chatting with the Anesthesiologist, Evan was goofy and silly and kept desperately leaning forward to give me kisses, again and again. They allowed me to go back with him until he was under. He didn't cry nor put up a fight with the mask. All the procedures went well. Evan was a sleepy head, napping for over 2 hrs after his initial wake up and slight fuss. The only time he cried was when they took out the IV but recovered very quickly. Maybe the power from his Tiny Superhero cape helped comfort him!

Happy, silly and sitting like a big boy! All ready to go into surgery on 7-31-13

I jumped in his bed and we got to snuggle when he first woke up

Then he took a long snooze before waking up again!

Evan was still in the NICU 3 years ago from his surgery date
With Daddy on 7-31-10

Evan is an amazing little boy. Nowadays he is on the "go" or at least tries to be. He has a mind of a toddler and the mobile abilities of a 6 month old which is frustrating for him and exhausting for me. He loves to be on his feet, which is fantastic, but when he gets tired he wont stop and will not walk efficiently or effectively (and expects me to "do it" for him). I can't imagine how frustrating it is for him to want to move around so bad and struggle to do so. I can see his frustration when he tries to communicate when he wants or needs something and I can't figure out what he is trying to say (though I'm usually pretty good! ;-)). He is fussier now than he has ever been before but I seriously can't complain. It's not all the time but during those specific toddler moments. Like when he freaks out when he doesn't get exactly what he wants or when he is super attached to Mommy and Mommy only. Bedtime is a struggle these days and he throws a fit every time I try to put him into his crib. (But during sleepovers with the grandparents, he falls asleep the minute he gets in the crib with NO FUSSING!) These are all normal behaviors and I am still grateful to experience them, the good, the bad and the ugly!

So now we are moving into the fourth year that I have been home with Evan.  Caring for him everyday. Participating with countless therapies and doctor appointments. Countless baths, aquaphor applications, diapers and feedings. I am so grateful I have been able to stay home with him but now I'
m ready for a break!! Preschool starts in September and boy am I counting the days. I am definitely looking forward to finally having some guaranteed "me" time in the morning. But it is comforting to know that Evan is in an amazing school system with amazing educators, therapists and aides. I feel completely comfortable with him in their care. Not only is school a benefit for this mom but Evan absolutely LOVES it. He is so engaged and happy while he is there and loves to be around other children. I will be soaking up this "me" time this fall but I can happily say that the future looks good to finally get back into teaching!
 "All good things, in all good time!"



  1. Evan has made so much progress. And you do an amazing job caring for him and helping him with his therapies.
    One day at a time.
    Glad you're getting some well deserved you time soon.
    Pa - love the pic of him with his cape on cuddling his bear.

  2. I'm looking forward to preschool as well! Emma has been talking about school and her friends all summer. She is excited to have Evan in her class again this year~ he certainly made quite an impression on her! Hope you enjoyed the summer and we'll see you at preschool :)