Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Smart Little Man

Milestones come pretty quick and naturally for most children. Many healthy babies can typically sit independently around 6 months, roll around 7 months, crawl around 8 months, eat finger foods around 10 months and walk around a year old. For parents with children with special needs these milestones are HUGE achievements. Not like they wouldn't be for every parent but it is just different. I tend to find myself in awe of the milestones Evan achieves. Milestones that don't take very long for most children to reach but the "small victories" he gains eases my mind and fills my heart with joy. And the list continues to get longer as the days go by.

I am overjoyed when I ask Evan for a hug and he reaches out for me. I am overjoyed to ask him for a kiss and he pulls my face to his. I am impressed when he finally grabs onto that toy that he struggled to hold for weeks/months but never gave up trying. I get goosebumps when he finally opens his mouth for some table food and then keeps opening it for more. My heart sings when I hear him say "Mama" and know he means it. It is such a relief that we now have a way to actually communicate (even if it's just with a few signs or a shake for no). I am in awe that this little guy never gives up trying. Wether it is trying to say a word, signing a word, putting 2 duplos together, putting puzzle pieces in their spot or self feeding, he is one determined boy.

Evan may still be working on his independent sitting skills, doesn't crawl or walk but is a very bright little guy. I know his gross motor skills will be reached in the near future but even if I was told they wouldn't, I would still never give up trying. My positive outlook for Evan's future has kept me sane and my acceptance of his condition has kept me realistic and practical. To me, it is crazy to think that some people take the little things or even big things in life for granted. We have a happy life. Wether he can sit or not, walk or not, talk or not, has hair, dry skin, or 10 fingers and 10 toes it does not matter. We are happy. I appreciate every little thing in my life and I have Evan to thank for that.

These are the types of things he does that just make my day! 
Might be boring for some but I can watch this over and over!



  1. I so enjoyed meeting your sweet Evan in school the other day. He is precious. And his grandfather is certainly proud of him! He was so excited to show him off. :))

    1. It was great to meet you! Im so glad we got to come visit everyone! :-)