Sunday, December 9, 2012

2 1/2 Years Later

Wow. Two and a half years have past since we welcomed Evan to this world. And on that day this point seemed so far away and no where in sight. Time flies, as the saying goes. And with that time passing two years, I almost feel as if not much has changed. I more or less do the exact same thing for Evan everyday. From feeding him bottles, to carting him around in his car carrier, to therapy activities, to Aquaphor applications; it's pretty much the same.

I honestly have no clue what kids Evan's age are 'suppose' to be doing. I have no clue what the average 6 month old or 14 month old is doing. My boy is now 30 months old. 30 MONTHS!!!! So when I see a healthy 8 month old sitting and piggin' out on baby food, I am amazed. It excites me to see other kids do these things that hopefully Evan will too. And I try not to compare especially since Evan has many challenges on his plate but at times I just don't get why he struggles so much with his gross motor milestones.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was given the opportunity to be a guest writer on the blog Confetti Skin, Beauty Within. I was asked to write about the toddler years while caring for my child with HI. I almost feel that I do not have much experience with the 'toddler years' since Evan isn't doing many toddler things. I have heard and talked to some other parents, who have children with HI, that have developed much faster than Evan. Some preemie and some not. Apparently, Evan is taking his own path. He has been improving substantially in the recent months.

I still can't believe he is 2 1/2 years old. He is still a baby to me, as he will always be 'my baby'. I know I have heard some people say 'they wish the newborn/infant stage lasted longer' since babies grow up so quick. I have to say I am sooooooo ready for that stage to be over! Though, cognitively, Evan is thinking like a toddler. He may not be able to move to where he wants to go or open up his toy box and choose a toy but he will make sure I do it for him. He is a smiley, giggly, happy little man. Which makes me not worry as much. Granted that worry with NEVER go away, it just hibernates easier when I see his happy face.

This will be Evan's 3rd Christmas. And looking back at his pictures and remembering what he was doing developmentally, makes me realize that he really has come so far. Maybe not 'average' progress or development but for Evan it's extraordinary. I am very happy with the care he has received, we have been so lucky in the skin department (infection wise), and he's a sweet, content and happy boy. He amazes me everyday. As much as I wish he could just pick up the pace a bit, I really have nothing to complain about.





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