Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Continuous Support for Evan

This past weekend a good friend of ours ran the Hartford Half-Marathon in honor of Evan and to support the FIRST Foundation. We were able to go and support Leif as he accomplished this goal. Not only was it a very cold morning but it was an early morning for Evan since Leif had planned on making excellent time. Leif finished his 13 miler in 1:29:44. Wowzers! That is less than a 7 minute mile. Impressive.

Of course once Leif finished, we all headed straight for the beer garden. Granted it was only 10am, we had to celebrate Leif's amazing accomplishment. It was great to hang out for a bit and snap some pics while drinking our morning beverage. Good thing I ate breakfast! Leif even made his own shirt with Evan's picture on it which read "I ran in support of Evan and the FIRST Foundation". We are very proud of Leif and are very grateful that he has helped support FIRST. Thank you to everyone who supported Leif by giving donations for the FIRST Foundation. Every penny is a step closer to a cure.

Time to celebrate



  1. That picture of Evan is awesome! Looks like a pretty cool cat.

  2. What a cutie! You're doing a beautiful job on his skin.