Sunday, May 20, 2012

It Makes Cents to Help FIRST: Update

The 'It Makes Cents to Help FIRST' coin collection fundraiser has been running for almost 3 weeks. I have been hearing from many participants that they are doing well with their collection while raising awareness for Ichthyosis. As of right now, there are more than 20 collection jars out raising donations for the FIRST Foundation. There are over a dozen towns participating in Connecticut including businesses/workplace, schools and personal collections at home. There are participants raising awareness in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, and our neighbors to the north, Canada. (Let me know if I missed your state!)

In Prince Edward Island Canada, my brother and his family have been doing a great job raising awareness. A local farmer donated dozens of tulips to be used towards the fundraiser to collect donations for the FIRST Foundation. So far they have raised almost $300. I am in awe of everyone's generosity and their dedication to help raise awareness for this life long disorder. 

In Connecticut, my father in-law has been raising awareness at his school and in his community. He is a teacher at the local middle school and has taught some lessons on Ichthyosis. He also put together a raffle during lunch time, in the school cafeteria, where students can try to win iTune gift cards. All of the money he earns will be donated to the FIRST Foundation and put towards the grand total for the 'It Makes Cents to Help FIRST' fundraiser. A few other participants in Connecticut will be making donations directly to the FIRST foundation in their school's name or business/workplace's name.

Here are a few pictures sent to me from participants and their collecting jars. Feel free to send me a pic of you holding the donation jar or the area where you are collecting @

Pictures include participants from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Canada

Just a reminder about tallying up donations at the end of May. Hopefully you like to count :-) If you live in the area and would like me to count your donations that is fine by me. If you cannot get your donations to me or live out of town or state, I would very much appreciated it, if a check was written to the FIRST Foundation for the exact amount you collected. This check (or cash donation) can be sent to Evan's FIRST Fundraiser PO BOX 500, Goshen, CT 06756 (though checks are preferable). All of your donations will be counted up to get the grand total for the 'It Makes Cents to Help First' fundraiser and then sent to the foundation. I appreciate everyone's help and willingness to participate in this fundraiser while supporting this amazing foundation. 


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  1. This is another awesome post! We were super excited to see that you added our picture of the girls to your cool display. I can't wait to hear the final total! Super exciting!